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Stephen Garets understands what it takes to ride safely. He’s ridden motorcycles continually for more than 40 years and since 1981 has served the motorcycle safety and training needs of an estimated 100,000 riders. His background includes motorcycle rider education and training; instructor selection, training and supervision; motorcycle safety program administration; motorcycle operator licensing improvement and examiner training; motorcycle training curriculum development; motorcycle crash analysis and motorcycle safety expert witness, and; motorcycle research and evaluation.


Garets is the Director of the TEAM OREGON Motorcycle Safety Program at Oregon State University. TEAM OREGON is Oregon’s statewide rider education and training program, which annually trains 10,000 students in proprietary TEAM OREGON curriculum. TEAM OREGON recruits, trains and employs the services of 200 instructors statewide. Courses are available for all riders, including beginning, intermediate, experienced and advanced. Beginning in 2011, all riders under the age of 31 are required to complete TEAM OREGON training to meet state operator licensing requirements. For more information, visit

Steve GaretsPolice Motors Training

TEAM OREGON provides advanced and high speed training for Oregon Police Motor Officers. The training is designed to train Motor Officers to interpret vehicle handling characteristics at high speeds and develop precise vehicle placement and handling skills. Garets developed this training and trains the officers and training staff.

Committees and Organizations

Garets chairs and serves on national and international motorcycling task forces, advisory boards and committees, and is a consultant and expert witness in motorcycle crash cases across the US. He was a member of the 7-member technical working group of the National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety, co-authored the NCHRP Motorcycle Guide, and was the principal investigator and co-author of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Dept. (OPRD) ATV Safety Education Program. He has also served the Transportation Research Board (TRB) as Chair of ANF30, the Committee on Motorcycles and Mopeds, and is a current member of the TRB System Users Group Executive Board. Garets served as a member of the committee responsible for developing national standards for entry-level motorcycle rider training, a project sponsored by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).


For a complete history of experience and qualifications, you can download a PDF of Garets’ CV.